Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I look up someone who was in prison or on probation/parole in the past but is no longer incarcerated or under community supervision?
This website only displays information for Wyoming inmates and offenders who are currently in prison or on probation or parole. The website does not provide information for inmates at county jails, as those facilities are not under the authority of the Wyoming Department of Corrections.
Q: How do I search for an inmate or offender?
You can search for someone by their inmate number and/or a minimum of the first two letters of their last name. The additional search fields may help narrow your search, however if can’t find the person you’re looking for try using just their last name. The locator uses identifying information obtained from official court documents and does not include nicknames or aliases. The locator works best in Google Chrome and the latest versions of Internet Explorer and Firefox.
Q: What does consecutive sentence mean? When will that information be displayed?
A consecutive sentence is a sentence the inmate/offender must serve following completion of his or her current sentence. The consecutive sentence information will be displayed at the time the sentence goes into effect.
Q: How do I register as a victim to receive updates on inmate/offender movement?
If you are the victim of the crime for which the offender is incarcerated or on parole, please review the Victim Services section on the WDOC website ( If you are not the victim of the crime, you can register for general information through VINE (Victim Information Notification Everyday) at
Q: What does projected discharge date mean?
Projected discharge date for inmates represents the anticipated discharge date from incarceration if not released to parole supervision. Projected discharge date for probationers and parolees represents the anticipated discharge date from community supervision. Projected dates are subject to change based on court orders, parole board action and offender conduct. Probation discharge information may not be updated for up to 45 days to allow for data processing.
Q: What does projected parole eligibility date mean?
Projected parole eligibility date for inmates represents the earliest possible release to parole supervision. Projected dates are subject to change based on court orders, parole board action, and offender conduct.
Q: The location information for some inmates only indicates “In Custody”. What does this mean?
The inmate is in WDOC custody but may be at court, hospital, out of state, treatment, county jail, etc.
Q: What are some reasons why certain inmates or offenders aren’t showing up in the system?

There are several reasons why information may not come up on the locator, such as:

  • The offender is in transition between prison and community supervision. Please check the locator later.

  • The offender was given a deferred sentence, meaning he/she was not convicted and charges will be dismissed upon successful completion of supervision.

  • In rare circumstances the inmate’s record is restricted for safety and security reasons.

Q: Does the locator display information for Wyoming inmates/offenders who are incarcerated/supervised out of state?
Yes. The location for offenders who are supervised out of state will be listed as “Interstate Compact”. The location for inmates housed out of state will be listed as “In Custody.”
Q: Does the locator display information for out of state inmates/offenders who are incarcerated/supervised in Wyoming?
No. The locator displays information for Wyoming inmates/offenders only.
Q: What does “Office of Supervision” mean? Is the office of supervision always in the same town where the offender resides?
Office of supervision means the location of the Probation and Parole Field Office where the offender is required to report. The offender could live in a nearby town.
Q: I want to write to an inmate. What information should I include on the envelope?
Inmate mail should include the inmate’s name, inmate number, and the address of the facility.

For example:

John Doe, #1234
Wyoming State Penitentiary
PO Box 400
Rawlins, WY 82301-0400
Q: How do I obtain an inmate or offender photo?
Photos of individual inmates or offenders may be requested through the WDOC Public Information Office. (307) 777-5889.
Q: How do I obtain additional information?
Visit the WDOC website for contact information and to learn more about the department.